Sport accessories are a combination of various cloth materials in a creative manner. Any items like caps, neck warmers, gloves, special hats for a particular branch like horse-riding, tennis or others will be successfully produced by BBSTrend, your sport accessories manufacturer.

sport accessories

Color combinations, fabric selections and logo prints are possible for sport clubs, football teams and various customers. If you would like to develop special models for a particular sport field or develop your own branding, you can contact our sport accessories production team.


pareo manufacturerPareo Manufacturer

Pareos are indispensable elements of beachwear accessories in summer. Pareos, usually produced from fine woven fabrics, are made of breathable materials such as viscose, cotton, linen, which perfectly comfort you under the bright sun.

Our company has a wide range of fabrics to select for your upcoming beachware production. You can also send us the specifies and quality range of the fabric you want and we will produce your pareos of your selection.

In addition to traditional batik techniques, pareos can be manufactured brand-specific utilizing different techniques such as screen print, digital print and embroidery.

Canvas Tote Beach Bags Manufacturer

As mentioned in the bag section, BBstrend can meet your requests and demands in all kinds of canvas and gabardine bag production. With our extensive supplier network, we can manufacture any zip, eyelet and puller accessory models, upon the terms of orders.

beach towel manufacturerBeach Towel Manufacturer

Linen towels, which can be produced from cotton, linen, bamboo, polyester and viscose materials, become timeless accessories with our outreaching beachwear manufacturer experiences. Our production of selected beach towels can be repeated annually to cover your routine sales demands.

Stripe towels made of pre-dye yarn are ideal for long-term use. In addition, if you request, we can print your designed patterns as seamless pattern-work or artwork on your beach towels, even in varying sizes.


Muslin Blanket and Muslin Cloth Manufacturer

Being used for infants since the ancient Egyptians, muslin blankets or muslin cloths always on the top-list as the most suitable woven fabric for baby skin. Our baby accessories production techniques regenerate soft and high air permeable structure and makes 100% cotton content ideal for babies' sensitive skin. Besides these characteristics, our muslin cloths and blankets are highly durable. They are machine washable, and after each wash, your baby product becomes even much softer. As a result of their quick-drying structures, muslin cloths are offered as a practical solution for the frequent use needs.

Due to high air permeability, our muslin blankets can be used for arson both in summer and winter. Similar to all our manufactured baby accessories, these products are also perfect baby accessories since they are made of 100% cotton. We can manufacture them via our GOTS CERTIFIED organic cotton production procedures upon request.

As a baby accessories manufacturer, we can produce muslin accessories to cover mothers’ and infants’ various requirements such as mouth cloth, hand cloth, sweat cloth, bath and sea post cloth, undershirt cover, breastfeeding cover and baby blanket. Each baby item can be produced in different colors and pre-determined patterns, figures and logos can also be printed on them. Small and delicate embroidery details can be added to muslin cloths and blankets as to elevate the peculiarity sense of the mother and her baby. All our baby accessories can be manufactured in different sizes and dimensions.

baby accessories manufacturer

Beanie Hats Manufacturer and Mittens for Babies

Beanie hats and baby mittens are wonderful accessories used primarily during the first encounter with the new-born baby. That’s why our beanie hat and mitten production cares all features to privatize this sense.

Our beanie hats and mittens are manufactured from extremely soft, warm and breathable 100% cotton fabrics. Upon your special request, these fabrics will be produced from 100% GOTS CERTIFIED organic cotton by BBSTrend, your baby mitten manufacturer.

To make baby items much softer, we use not only cotton but also other natural materials like modal and bamboo. For baby mitten and beanie production, we prefer flexible and light fabrics so as to protect infants against uncomfortable touches and allergic reactions. These materials also create comfortable cradling for mothers. We can paint beanie hats and mittens in any color you ask for while precising the designs by digital printing or embroidery details.

We have the capacity to manufacture distinct-style baby accessories including top knot beanie, pilot cap, baby sun hat and sunblock swim hat.


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