Our promotional accessories will help you enhance your branding awareness as your customers and consumers will utilize them both at work or on the go. We can print your logo on promotional accessories such as shopping bags, scarves, gloves, t-shirts and neck warmers.

Promotional Bag Manufacturer

promotional bag manufacturer

Promotional bags are recommended for any-size business enterprises to facilitate their public promotion plans. Promotional backpacks or handbags are used by employees at work or on everyday use by everyone and everywhere. They create the best opportunity for people to capture your logo and have the first reflection of your services and goods. Thus, BBstend helps increasing your reputation via promotion accessories production.

Instead of using plastic bags, product delivery in eco-friendly materials will contribute to your brand image and create positive impression on your customers. To maximize the impact of professional and outstanding experience, you should prefer putting promotional materials and catalogs into your specially designed promotional cloth bags.

Promotional Scarf Manufacturer

If you would like display more prestigious and professional look, we can manufacture promotional scarves with embedded or sewed embroidery combined with your printed logo.

Promotional Neck Warmer & Neck Tube Manufacturer

promotional neck warmer manufacturer

One of the extraordinary but practical promotional materials are neck warmers. These affordable promotional cloth materials appeal to all consumer segments. Due to price advantage, less storage needs and easy transportation, neck warmers become perfect items for high-quantity promotional deployments. Neck warmer production is possible by printing the desired or pre-determined pattern, design, graphics, icons and corporate logos on each item.

Promotional neck warmers and neck tubes are mostly welcome by sportsmen / sportswomen and gym-fans. they are particularly recommended to businesses operating in sports sectors or the brands positioning themselves as young and dynamic.

Promotional T-Shirt Manufacturerpromotional shirt manufacturer

Ranking the top as the most commonly demanded promotional materials, t-shirts appeal to every customer profile of companies at every scale, even serving totally different sectors. Our promotional t-shirt production ranges in different sizes and designs. Our customers’ logos and pattern selections can be printed on any t-shirt model. You can order promotional t-shirts deciding on a wide spectrum color palette and fabric samples. As a well-known t-shirt manufacturer, we can produce varying sizes and models of long-sleeve, short-sleeve or polo t-shirts.


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