neck tube neck warmer manufacturer production

As a trendsetting pioneer in clothing accessories production, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of neck warmers ranging in different forms and fabric qualities. Neck warmer production enables you to put on these clothing accessories in more than 15 varying ways.

Customized patterns and graphic printed neck warmers occupy our best seller categories though the style and quality of each one is seamless. As an innovation-catching neck tube manufacturer,  we have the capacity to produce neck tube designs of elastic and inelastic fabrics.

In compliance with the cold weather conditions and Nordic climate features, we can manufacture neck warmers of inelastic or nonwoven fabrics with precise embroidery to fit the trends. Regarding client preferences, neck tube production may involve a large variety of materials such as cotton, modal and bamboo. Promotional neck warmer production is possible with our printing technology as we easily deliver your logo-printed or branded neck warmers.

Get your neck warmers produced with us in the designs and patterns of your choosing to take your place in this market.


Casual Gloves Manufacturer

Various types of casual clothes are set in our glove production series. Warm casual gloves are suitable for cold winter use while etiquette gloves and opera gloves are ones to complement dressing for occasions in any season.

Our high-quality casual glove production maintains different patterns including short length, wrist length, long-length and thumb free options. These warm gloves are produced of knitted fabrics which mobilize your hands by their full-cover and stretching while preventing their sweating. Depending on climatic conditions and marketing strategy, selected types of fabrics are adjusted to the needs while windproof or winterproof quality can be added to the gloves via our advanced clothing produdtion technology.

As a surpassing gloves manufacturer, we elevate the elegance of designs with our large-scaling color palette, embroidery selections and digital printing ideas. Our technology in clothing accessories production enables us to manufacture special gloves for touch-on screens. Upon your request, we can provide a wide variety of accessories to complement your selected glove model.As a trendsetting clothing accessories manufacturer, we can produce long leather gloves, leather gloves, fingerless gloves, sheep skin, patent leather gloves, dress gloves, evening gloves, mitten gloves, gauntlet gloves, mitt gloves, knit gloves, walking gloves, opera Gloves, slip on gloves, lace gloves, warm length, artist gloves.

tactical gloves manufacturer production

Tactical Gloves Manufacturer
(Workwear & Corporate Wear)

Being an established clothing accessories manufacturer in Istanbul, our glove production addresses not only every-day glove users but also corporate clients, industry laborers and specific workforces.
We make tactical gloves with extra grip comfort, specially designed for security personnel, the police and armed forces. Our windproof and winterproof neck warmers and caps can become a full combination of accessories that meet the working requirements of our corporate clients and their employees.

Work Gloves

Installation Work Gloves: Another category of our workwear production is installation gloves specially designed for the professionals at mounting, demounting and packing departments of industrial enterprises. This type of work gloves does not leave fingerprints or spots on glass or incandescent surfaces. Installation gloves are usually made of polyester fibers facilitating elasticity and easy grip of the worker’s hand. Compared to latex gloves, polyester work gloves have higher rates of air permeability. Thus, our work gloves protect hands against extra sweating and rashes even after long hours of use.

work gloves manufacturer production


Liaising environmental safety in our corporate wear production, we manufacture environment-friendly, washable and re-usable installation gloves that are suitable for the users of smart and precise electronic devices or data center staff.

For fast delivery, our installation glove stocks are mostly in black and white colors though BBstrend has the capacity to respond to special orders for distinct colors, patterns and sizes.

Antibacterial Working Gloves: Food safety is an important issue for food industry and it needs highly protective material in glove production. We use antibacterial fabric and materials to produce work gloves for professionals working in food production and food packaging. Our antibacterial working gloves have the relevant certification for their antibacterial quality, ensuring the duration when specified limits of washing rates are considered.


As a cutting-edge clothing accessories manufacturer, BBstrend applies fashionable scarf designs on the best quality woven fabrics. Scarf production is done on ultra-soft viscose, cotton or silk with a large variety of colors and tones. Upon customer’s request, we help scarf packaging as well as promotional scarf designs.

Embroidery, puff lock, hot-fix or beadwork patterns are possible to be applied on scarf models.


cloth bag manufacturer production

With an increase demand for environment-friendly and recycling shopping bags, new alternatives like cloth bags have emerged for retail shopping. This accelerated need and demand cycle certainly inspired cloth bag manufacturers: Designing more attractive, colorful and ecological models which fit into varying sizes impress both consumers and corporate clients.

As cloth bags are more easily dissolved in the nature and are possible to be used for several times, they are more economic for consumers and raises environmental awareness. Substituting plastic bags with their woven cloth counterparts, shops, supermarkets and production companies increase their positive corporate images.

You can order cloth shopping bags with your printed brand logo or a sketch of your corporate identity on the item. You can also select the type of fabric, out of recycle or just organic materials.

Cloth bag production using recycled textile material is highly appreciated by our clients as they feel to help minimize their carbon footprints.


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